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Testing Your Water For Bacteria

All well owners should test for coliform bacteria every 6 months to 1 year. This analysis will let you know if your water is bacteriologically safe to drink. Coliforms themselves usually do not make people sick but their presence indicates a potential for more harmful organisms to be present. Symptoms caused by these organisms are usually flu-like (diarrhea, vomiting and other forms of gastrointestinal distress.) Even if you do not have any symptoms it is important that you don't drink the water until it is shown to be safe.

To test your water for bacteria, you will need a special sample container and instructions, which you can pick up from our Environmental Laboratory free of charge. There is a fee for the test. Please call us at 843-292-5534 and ask to speak with someone in our Environmental Laboratory to learn about the fees associated with this test.

Your report should be mailed to you in about 2 weeks. We normally report presence/absence for both Total Coliform and e.coli. If you need an actual count the fee is higher and you must request this when you drop off your sample.

If your well is new, if you have had work done on your plumbing recently or if the well has not been used for a month or more, we recommend that you disinfect your well prior to testing.

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