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Lab  Services                               

  • Inorganics 

  • Trace Metals

  • Bacteriological

  • Organics

  • Lead Testing

  • Ion Chromatography

  • Industrial Process Testing

  • TCLP Metals (with 24 hour turn around)                                                                                                             

Matrix Types                          

  • Sludge 

  • Wastewater

  • Soil

  • Drinking Water

  • Oil

  • Filters

  • Hazardous & Mixed Waste                                                                                          

Environmental Services

Our State Certified Laboratory is equipped with the latest technology available for the analysis, identification, and documentation of unknown samples. Our staff of highly trained chemists, engineers, and environmental scientists have the skills necessary to produce quality results.

We will treat you as a valued customer. We have a friendly, professional, and experienced staff eager to help you meet your analytical needs.

We assure you the most accurate results possible, because of our state of the art equipment and procedures.

We give you relevant data as soon as it is available. Our business is more than providing accurate test results. Our data entry system identifies permit limit excursions, and we notify you as soon as possible so you can make adjustments to avoid costly fines or penalties.

Private Well Testing
We exceed expectations.
Environmental Services
We pay attention to the details.
Engineering Services
We’re here when you need us.
Construction Services
We’re here when you need us.