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Testing Your Water For Lead

A potential health concern is high lead content. While it is rare for lead to occur naturally in well water, it can leach from lead pipes, solder or fixtures. If you have a low pH in your well water, it can be corrosive to pipe and leach lead. If your home is older or you have other reasons to believe your water contains lead you should consider having it tested.

We require 1 liter of water, which is about a quart. In order to find the "worst case" level of lead in your water you should select a tap from which you commonly drink, run the cold water for about 15 minutes and then not use the water for at least 6 hours. After 6 hours, collect the sample directly into the 1 liter bottle without letting the water run. Please call us at 843-665-6746 and ask to speak with someone in our Environmental Laboratory to learn about the fees associated with this test.

Your report should be mailed to you in about 2 weeks.

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