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Test Your Residential Well Water

People who drink water from wells and other nonpublic sources should test their water routinely to make sure it is safe to drink. If a water company supplies your water, they can usually give you information about its quality.

If you need a water test as part of a mortgage or refinance (VA, USDA, FHA), we'll need to know specifically which tests are required. You can collect your own sample or we can collect your water sample.

Many of the other things we can test for on residential well samples are not considered by the EPA to be directly health threatening. Therefore we recommend that you only test for things like iron or hardness if you are having specific problems such as staining or odors. Because the character of water can vary from well to well we recommend that you discuss any specific problems with a water treatment professional to determine appropriate testing.

Please view the information below to help determine the type of testing you'll need to perform.

Testing Your Water for Bacteria
Testing Your Water for Nitrates
Testing Your Water for Lead
Instructions for Disinfecting Your Well
Sampling Instructions

Other Water Quality Tests

If you have a list of other tests you would like to have run on your water you may need special containers or instructions. Please call us at 843-665-6746 and ask to speak with someone in our Environmental Laboratory to learn about the fees associated with this test.

Private Well Testing
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